Past Conferences

2015 conference

The fourth NSF CyberBridges workshop for ACI CAREER awardees was held on August 31 and September 1, 2015 at the CEB Waterview Conference Center in Arlington, Virginia. A total of 31 NSF CAREER awardees and 5 keynote speakers participated in the workshop. The keynote speakers presented on five broad topic areas: Computational- and Data-enabled Science and Engineering (Dr. Nikos Chrisochoides), Visualization (Dr. Katy Borner), High Performance Computing (Dr. Valerie Taylor), Future Directions in Cyberinfrastructure (Dr. Ian Foster), and Grand Challenges in Cyberinfrastructure and Interdisciplinary Research (Dr. Clint Dawson). Each presentation was followed by a focused discussion session during which workshop participants discussed questions posed by the speaker related to the topic area. As in prior years, the workshop provided a venue to facilitate and foster continued discussions among ACI CAREER awardees, keynote speakers, and NSF program directors.

Several broad themes emerged from workshop presentations and discussions, including the need for exascale computing capabilities for faster and more detailed simulations and analysis, the need for an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach that combines the expertise and strengths of faculty across domains, the need for information visualization to help researchers better understand data from micro to macro scales, the need for automation of repetitive data collection and analysis tasks, and the need for platforms for service-oriented research computing.

2014 conference

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Developing the Next Generation of Cyberinfrastructure Faculty for Computational- and Data-enabled Science and Engineering


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